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Where we sit to watch the sunset


Meditation in it's simplest form is watching the sunset. Remember the movie City of Angels, an old movie at this point? It's still in my top ten favorites. Besides a great soundtrack and iconic actors, it's about love, integrity and humbleness of being a clinician, and being open to what can't yet be seen. It's about a physician/surgeon/scientist who can't wrap her head around what she is feeling and sensing because it doesn't make scientific sense. Some people are distraught about the ending. I was, too, the first time around. But, now, I periodically watch this movie to remind me that it's all worth it—life's ups and downs, going for it, faith. And, mostly, watching and hearing the sunsets with the angels.

Around sunset time at our house, we are usually wrapping up our workday, tending to Lily's dinner and walk while preparing our own dinner. Noticing our kitchen cabinets turning a golden magenta color, reminds us to pause, go out to the lanai, sit on the swing together, and watch/listen to the sunset. This is called the golden hour on Maui. For us, it's a moment of magical delight in our day.  

Rae Ariel