Maui Intensives, Inc. | Rae & Judy
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Maui Intensives | Therapy & Counseling Retreat in Hawaii

Rae and Judy offer a unique therapeutic retreat and healing environment for individual counseling, couples therapy, and family counseling in Hawaii.

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An exclusive therapeutic experience serving one person, couple, or family
by the week on the island of Maui.


with Rae & Judy

As professional psychotherapists, Rae and Judy have cultivated an immersive process that is comprehensive for healing on every level. 

They created a framework where curative, radical change is efficient with optimal and lasting results. 

Rae and Judy seamlessly weave together evidence-based therapeutic tools alongside ancient and modern alternative healing practices.

Maui Intensives is the result of decades of professional experience.


Until there is peace within you,
there is no peace in the world.
— Byron Katie