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Rae and Judy | Intensive Therapeutic Retreats in Hawaii

Rae and Judy are psychotherapy and healing experts who provide intensive therapy retreats in Hawaii—individual, family, marriage, and couples retreats.

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“Our clients' welfare depends on
our continued personal growth and
living a life of peaceful balance.”



With complementary expertise and style, Rae and Judy cover a depth and breadth of ability to ameliorate a variety of challenges and obstacles faced by their clients. 

They hold graduate degrees and certifications among a broad range including Clinical and Humanistic Psychology, Social Work, Human Nutrition, Finance, Kinesiology, Health Behavior and Health Education, Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Therapy, Education, Imago Therapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR—a trauma resolution technique), meditation techniques like TM and Kriya Yoga, and more.

Rae and Judy provide assessment and support for diagnosis. They work with anxiety and depression, relationships, disordered eating, trauma, survivors of sexual abuse, addiction of all kinds, divorce/mediation, premarital counseling, grief and loss, family systems and more. Rae and Judy make use of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Psychiatry, and other proven modalities that might be beneficial to their clients. They encourage discernment with an open mind.

Putting aside credentials and clinical expertise...  What is most important is Rae and Judy work with people who want to feel better and live happier.



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Judy is passionate about making a difference in the effectiveness of therapy. She left a successful career in finance to stay home with her new twin sons in 1991. The seclusion of being a new mother offered time for reflection uncovering a profound grief Judy realized was related to her brother dying in a motorcycle accident when she was 21. She discovered in her personal process of recovery, that in the end, her primary issue was trauma due to loss.  

This led to Judy embarking on an in-depth study of trauma healing while becoming a polarity therapist and earning her master's in clinical social work. She studied with many experts, including Peter Levine (Waking the Tiger) and Brent Baum (HMR), before they were well known as experts. Judy had an awareness that identifying and resolving trauma was going to transform the recovery process and field of therapy in general.  

While others were just beginning to discover and learn about EMDR in the 90's, Judy was utilizing and combining such modalities as Somatic Experiencing, Cranial Sacral, Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR), and others in a mind/body-centered approach to healing. She was quickly discovered and consulted by treatment centers for her expertise in working with clients who seemed resistant to traditional therapeutic practices. Judy's genuine desire for therapy to yield a more potent impact led to the creation of Maui Intensives, Inc.


Rae has been serious about studying health and wellness from many angles and perspectives since 1987, when she recovered from a seven year battle with anorexia/bulimia. It was a time when seeing a therapist wasn't the norm, nor was it something people talked about openly. "I saw seven different therapists, the first six said I would never recover--by age 23, I was recovered."

As a grad student at the University of Michigan, Rae was asked to lecture on eating disorders, nutrition, and general health in medical, nursing, nutrition, kinesiology, psychology, women's studies, and social work classes. She was recognized as an expert developing manuals for resident directors and community health programs, sought out for speaking engagements, and chosen to be a guest on panel forums. Later, Rae was asked to write curriculum for treatment centers, run family programs, facilitate groups, and share her expertise on health behavior and health education.

After becoming a mother of three, Rae returned to school to earn her graduate degree in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology to further broaden her knowledge in the areas of family systems, psychological testing, and child play therapy. With many years experience in private practice, working in treatment centers, and helping to create treatment centers, Rae recognized a vacancy in the therapy world requiring a new modality for an underserved population--people who wanted more than the 50 minute hour of therapy, but did not need a treatment center. The new modality would be holistic and accomplish a years worth of therapy in a week; thus, Maui Intensives, Inc. was created.


I have never been so impressed by the integrity, professionalism, and commitment of anyone in this profession.

My only wish would be for more people in this field to have the same combination of extraordinary skill and capacity with personal dedication, honesty, and compassion.
— Humanitarian, South Africa