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  1. Do I stay with you?
    No. We will assist you in choosing optimal lodging for your specific needs.

  2. Can I bring a friend or family member?
    Yes. Although, we will discuss ahead of time what may best support the results you are looking for in your Intensive. Some people find they work best when they know they will be with someone during their free time. Others find it beneficial to have alone time in the mornings and evenings for contemplation, as well as to create new daily habits.

  3. What if I feel too anxious to stay on my own?
    We will discuss ahead of time whether it may be more beneficial for you to have someone with you; on the other hand, your Intensive may give you an opportunity to practice being on your own with daily support and strategies for managing your anxiety. Many Maui Intensive participants have been in this situation and were surprised and pleased to have succeeded in overcoming this fear and shifting the experience of anxiety.

  4. Do I have to rent a car?
    You will either need to rent a car or hire a car service to come to sessions and get about the island.

  5. What happens after the Intensive?
    We will prepare a plan for your "re-entry" as we call it. Most people will have a therapist back home who we consult with for continuity of care. Some clients do phone or Skype follow up sessions with us for a short time period. We are always available via text and email. Most importantly, you will know before you leave what to expect and have options in place for ongoing support.

  6. Can I bring a computer, instrument, etc.?
    Yes. We encourage you to bring what is important in your life. During your Maui Intensive, you will have free time to practice balanced living while incorporating the use of items that are sometimes a healthy distraction, sometimes a necessity, and sometimes lead us down a non-beneficial path.

  7. Can I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes?
    We encourage you to not use substances while you are on Maui. However, the choice is yours. We encourage honest sharing with us for your own growth and awareness. You will never be shamed, judged, or dictated to. If you smoke, we will ask that you do not smoke on the way to or during sessions. This is due to our own sensitivities to second hand smoke. It is our experience that Maui Intensive participants benefit greatly by taking a break from non-prescribed substances and activities that may be addictive or diminishing their life in some way.

  8. Can you help me lose weight?
    Yes. Nutritional support is an added bonus for anyone choosing to do a Maui Intensive. The focus is never weight loss; however, the result may be weight loss if your body is out of balance. Discovering the “right” diet is an individual process and requires experimentation along with experienced and educated guidance. During a Maui Intensive you will have the support of a master’s level nutritionist to help clear the confusion and mystery of the borage of complicated and contradictory nutritional information available.

  9. How do I know what I tell you will stay private?
    We report to no one and we do not keep records. In addition, we clear with each individual in advance what is OK or Not OK to say to a family member. Finally, we have worked with many individuals who are in the public eye, are well known, or need privacy for some other reason; thus, we are very practiced at confidentiality.

Self-inquiry allows you access to the wisdom that already exists within you. It gives you the opportunity to realize the truth for yourself.
— Byron Katie