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Maui Intensives provide a wonderful opportunity for patients to experience deep and meaningful growth, work in a safe, structured, and intimate environment, free from the distraction of other patients’ issues and concerns. This experience of transformation is beautiful to behold. I whole-heartedly recommend this exquisite option to patients ready and desirous of profound and lasting change.

—Terry V. Eagan, MD Psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer
Castlewood Treatment Centers


I started referring patients to Rae and Judy while Clinical Director at Sierra Tucson. After meeting them and their passion, commitment, and genuine care for those who suffer, I knew their Maui Intensive programming would provide not only a continuing model of superior care for those with behavioral health issues, but that anyone I referred would experience physical and emotional safety with them, as well as the true empathy that's so needed to create healthy change. Over the years, I have continued to place my trust in the Maui Intensives. I trust in the depth of experience they provide, and in how this program is so frequently the last individually-focused treatment addition that many patients need to take off into their new life of recovery. Thank you Rae and Judy for your professionalism, kindness, and dedication to those who suffer.

—Nancy Jarrell O'Donnell, MA, LPC, CSAT, CCTP
Integrative Therapy Service
Clinical Director & Neuropsychotherapist


When a client is in need of immersive, intensive care, free from time restraints and outside responsibilities, we will refer to MI.  When a client has had multiple treatment experiences but is unable to maintain their mental health momentum especially those with a trauma history, we refer to MI.  When families believe they have an "identified patient" but are willing to explore the entire family dynamic, we refer to MI.  MI does not fit into the traditional model, thus, offers clients a freedom to express and experience themselves differently than in a 50 minute office visit or a 30 day group therapy program.

—O'Donnell Consulting Inc.


I had the privilege of meeting Rae and Judy in London over a year ago. I immediately felt calm, comfortable and heard, and I knew that clients would experience the same. Their expertise coupled with real care and concern for the clients is a potent and effective combination. The service they offer is a unique one, and in an increasingly crowded market it stands out as a process that is of real benefit to clients and their families. The unique individualised nature of their work is of very real value. I have no hesitation in recommending Maui Intensives. Thank you Rae and Judy!

—Virginia Graham, MSc, MA (Hons), DIP, MBACP, UKRCP
London, United Kingdom


Maui Intensives is an amazing program in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, in Maui.

Rae and Judy are brilliant clinicians, working with individuals and families in a small and intensive setting, where each person receives amazing one on one attention. I have worked with Rae and Judy, specifically with teenagers.

Eating disorders are notorious for being the most difficult syndrome to treat in psychology/psychiatry, but Rae and Judy bring many years of incredible experience and understanding to their work. The clients I worked with, at their clinic, were receiving the best treatment for Eating Disorders I have ever seen— holistic and treating the entire individual. I feel they are the best in the field, even outranking Stanford, the world-clinic, although of course Stanford is excellent. Rae and Judy are shining stars, however, and with any teens I encounter in my practice with Eating Disorders; they are the first clinic I think of.

—Patti Weiss, Ph.D., Licensed Neuropsychologist
San Francisco, CA

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What Clients Say



How do I put into words how grateful I am to have found you and worked with you? I can breathe again because I have released all of the tension from past trauma - including the shame and guilt. After working with Rae and Judy, I have a new way of thinking about my life, which will make it hard for any residual negative thoughts to affect me. I looked in the mirror this morning and barely recognized myself. I am beautiful. Now years later, I want you both to know that I wouldn’t be who I am today without the help, support and guidance I received during my Maui Intensive. You helped me find all of the good inside me and gave me my life back.

—Woman 20's, Wisconsin


We chose to do a Couples Intensive because we have been previously married and were aware of the "baggage" we might bring into our marriage. We both had been in therapy and/or treatment at various times in our lives, as well as being in the field. Trusting that we would feel emotionally, spiritually and mentally safe as individuals and as a couple was HUGE.

We spoke with Judy and Rae on the phone and hearing their support and encouragement cinched our decision to go. MI was not like any couples therapy, individual therapy, workshop or treatment program either of us has experienced.

We felt heard, cared for, psychologically held, and challenged to find and express our truest selves. Regardless of how we may have judged ourselves, never did we ever feel judged for our thoughts or feelings. Our "days off" were just as valuable as our time in sessions, giving us the opportunity to "just be." We felt our emotional intimacy deepen as we grew as a couple and individuals. Our Intensive was so beneficial to us that we have encouraged our adult children to go as well.

—Couple 50's, Oregon


Rae and Judy saw me as an individual and not a label or diagnosis. Their home office is a peaceful and relaxing environment where it was easy to share openly. My Maui Intensive created miracles. I believe anyone who is able to work with Rae and Judy will find a personal miracle or two as well.

Thank you, thank you. I will remember our time together as transformative and filled with awesome power.

—Woman 50's, Florida


My Maui Intensive went so far beyond meeting my goals and objectives. They helped me make tremendous progress in not blaming myself for my sexual abuse and the horrible shame I have lived with, which has in turn helped me to shift my basic premise of self hatred. My normal negative interpretations of daily life have shifted.

Their willingness to be directed by me and speak about the most important parts of my life to me, openly and without judgement was essential in helping me to gain trust and confidence in them and therefore be more willing to try hard, listen and feel understood and appreciated by them

And, maybe the most important part of my time with Rae and Judy was how open and honest they both were about their own experiences. This made it so much easier to connect with them and see them as guides, teachers and allies in a shared process rather than “experts” to whom I needed to defer or people from whom I felt alienated or inferior.

—Woman 30's, S. Africa

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