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About Maui Intensives | Counseling & Therapy Retreat in Hawaii

Maui Intensives provides week-long retreats for individual counseling, couples therapy, marriage counseling, and family counseling in Kula, Hawaii.

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Since 2003, Maui Intensives, Inc. has been word-of-mouth only
serving people from all over the world who seek this
innovative approach to therapy and personal transformation.


A Pause in Life...
The Gift of Possibility

Our History

When Rae and Judy first relocated to Maui in 2003, phone calls started coming in from colleagues on the mainland:

“I have a patient who recently relapsed after 20 years of sobriety, she doesn’t need a treatment center. She’s so sophisticated she could lead the groups here. She only relapsed briefly because her husband suddenly died leaving her with three young children... Could you create something for her?”

The custom-designed healing process that Rae and Judy created was so successful for the first person who came to Maui, that this client later brought her children for grief and healing work, as well as to help restructure the family system. More and more phone calls came in requesting this innovative approach to therapy and healing. And, thus, Maui Intensives was born.

My intention was to repair my soul and find an acceptable way to live
with my husband’s death. I got that along with a spiritual connection,
a better relationship to food, and a new me.
— First Maui Intensive Client