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Client Vignettes | The Therapy Experience with Maui Intensives

Explore client vignettes to learn more about our intensive therapeutic retreats in Hawaii. We offer therapy & healing for couples, individuals, & families.

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Who We Serve

 These client vignettes illuminate significant information, create depth, provide insight, and help to create a more complete picture of a greater story.



(Details have been changed to provide anonymity.)




She was in her early 30’s and pregnant with her first child...

She and her husband did a three week pre-marital Maui Intensive years ago which worked really well for them. They had each come from 'good' families, yet longed to have more loving kindness in their relationship and in the family they would create together. Now that she was pregnant, it was important to this woman to do another week Intensive to make sure she didn’t bring any of the dysfunction of her childhood into her parenting style.


A mom and her teenage daughter came to Maui for a two week Maui Intensive to improve their relationship and learn how to communicate without “losing it” with each other...

It is so rewarding to witness the process in a relationship where each person sees their part, learns new self care techniques, then is able to communicate without taking things personally.  

Rae Ariel