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Client Vignettes | The Therapy Experience with Maui Intensives

Explore client vignettes to learn more about our intensive therapeutic retreats in Hawaii. We offer therapy & healing for couples, individuals, & families.

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Who We Serve

 These client vignettes illuminate significant information, create depth, provide insight, and help to create a more complete picture of a greater story.



(Details have been changed to provide anonymity.)




He had no hope.  His addiction was probably going to kill him according to his family and case manager...

The case manager called saying he isn’t even getting out of bed to participate in the treatment center program. The treatment center referred him to Maui Intensives for a custom designed family program. "It was amazing we had an opening right then and were able to accommodate his parents, grandma, and siblings."  It was magical to see the transformation of hurt and hopelessness to love and willingness in this family. Following the family week, this young man in his 20’s stayed on Maui for an individual Intensive to clear trauma left over from a childhood illness and bullying. Then, he was ready for group rehab at a treatment center more matching his philosophy.  A year later, the case manager said he is still drug free by choice and continuing his journey to find meaning in his life.


His life was public and he had it all. A gentleman in his 50’s was referred by his psychiatrist for what they were calling sex addiction...

He needed focused time for himself between work projects in the film industry to understand why he couldn’t be faithful in relationships.  He was distraught that he had never been married and didn't have children by now.  And, he genuinely loved at least three women at the time of his first Intensive.  He had a less than two week window to dive in deep; and dive in deep he did.  He left with a new practice of self care and self observation. His psychiatrist back home is supporting his process, and suggested he come back for a week Intensive a few more times when he has a break in his schedule.


She couldn’t go to a treatment center due to her culture and prominent family—the utmost confidentiality was required...

A woman in her late 20’s was struggling with addiction to marijuana. She came for four weeks the first time with her boyfriend to unravel her attachment to marijuana. After a year of sobriety, a deeper layer emerged about food and body image issues, so she returned for a 3 week Intensive on her own this time. A personal nutritionist and driver were hired for her. A couple of years later, she asked about doing an Intensive in Europe for her family. Secretly wanting her family to address their own issues of addiction, she mostly needed her family to understand the language she had learned about recovery and self-actualization. The family Intensive was supportive for each member increasing self-awareness while still being able to remain connected to each other despite some lifestyle differences.


Her life mimicked old-fashion aristocracy.  This refined woman was in her 50’s when she realized she was addicted to prescription pain medicine and needed help desperately...

The treatment center she attended referred her to Maui Intensives for continuing support and individual trauma therapy.  After a two week Intensive, she made arrangements for her husband and children to join her on Maui for family therapy.  Her addiction had affected everyone and caused some serious damage.  This family returned to Maui as needed during the next few years—sometimes for individual Intensives, sometimes, for couples sessions, and sometimes for whole family therapy.  Years later they sent their son and future daughter-in-law for pre-marital counseling to “start them off on the right path.”

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