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Client Vignettes | The Therapy Experience with Maui Intensives

Explore client vignettes to learn more about our intensive therapeutic retreats in Hawaii. We offer therapy & healing for couples, individuals, & families.

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Who We Serve

 These client vignettes illuminate significant information, create depth, provide insight, and help to create a more complete picture of a greater story.



(Details have been changed to provide anonymity.)


Grief & Loss


Her child died at age 5 in a tragic accident...

Grief groups and books hadn’t been enough to help her live joyfully again with her younger daughter who survived. Even worse, she was going through a divorce where she was afraid of therapy records being summoned and used against her. A two week Intensive was enough for radical shifts. A few years later, she returned to Maui Intensives with a peaceful joy and surrender that made her glow. This time she did a week Intensive to address a new significant relationship and how to create a healthy new family unit.  


His brother, who he was in a band with, committed suicide...

He had been to treatment for addiction, but still didn’t know how to live without his brother. He didn’t know how to allow music back into his life or how he could ever work again in the music industry. The hardest part was truly wondering how living life could ever be worth it. This young man in his 20’s was at serious risk for taking his own life. He came to Maui for 3 weeks with extreme malaise. Outdoor activities were incorporated into his therapy. A pivotal moment happened when hiking back from a hermitage and he said, "Ok, Rae and Judy, maybe life can be worthwhile." He returned a year later for another two weeks with his girlfriend.


She lost her husband to cancer and her adult daughter in a tragic accident within two years of each other...

She even had to fight legally to have access to her grandchildren— her daughter’s children who the father now had sole custody of.  She had such a wonderful life and now in her 60’s needed help with anger to be able to experience spiritual connection again.  She felt depressed, couldn’t sleep, and her health was deteriorating fast. One week was enough to turn things around for this very caring, spiritual, intelligent, motivated woman.


His wife had jumped from treatment center to treatment center for addiction with her diagnoses and medication shifting each time...

He was a successful business man. They had a two-year-old little girl who no longer had a mother to care for her. A 4-week Intensive was set up for his wife, with 24 hour sober companion support. It became clear that this woman was going to need long term care and may never be able to mother her child. An optimal long-term solution was found for mom, the little girl, and dad. Fortunately, this father was willing to learn how to be both mom and dad, while doing grief work and settling in to the reality of his wife’s mental illness. In addition, a nanny and private school were selected to become part of this little girl’s ongoing support and family. When she was 6 years old, she and her dad came to Maui for a short vacation. They came for dinner. "The little girl remembered us!"

Rae Ariel