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Client Vignettes | The Therapy Experience with Maui Intensives

Explore client vignettes to learn more about our intensive therapeutic retreats in Hawaii. We offer therapy & healing for couples, individuals, & families.

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Who We Serve

 These client vignettes illuminate significant information, create depth, provide insight, and help to create a more complete picture of a greater story.



(Details have been changed to provide anonymity.)




Her mother had debilitating postpartum depression and wasn’t able to care for her the first two years of her life… 

Disgruntled grandparents and an angry disabled father cared for her. They were strict about her feeding and sleep schedules which left her in her crib, hungry for hours on end. Her early wiring and conditioning, so to speak, was traumatic and neglectful. She was good at starving herself—anorexia— and tolerating pain— exercise addiction. This very motivated woman in her 50’s decided to do whatever it takes to heal and learn to be kind to herself. After several three week Intensives over several years, she is recovered from anorexia and enjoys activity for health in moderation. Now, in her 60’s, she has never felt happier.  She is able to sit for meditation, mentor young women in recovery, and started philanthropic work. Sometimes she is sad that so much of her life was devoted to an eating disorder and negative critical thoughts, but then she looks around at the new life she has created filled with “peace and abundance”, as she puts it.


His career involved navigating dangerous situations… 

After several years, he no longer knew if he was a good guy or bad guy. He also wondered how he could ever have a normal life with, perhaps, a wife and children.  He needed a private and trustworthy therapy situation to sort it all out.  He came to Maui Intensives for two months. He continued his therapy by relocating to a state where he could imagine himself living long term, started a business, and got a puppy to learn how to build and navigate a trusting and loving relationship. A couple years later, he returned to Maui with his “best friend” for a two week Intensive—a woman he was actually in love with. They are now married and have two children.  


Her life was normal with a job and family. Nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened to her…

It was only a car accident and she wasn’t even very hurt. But, ever since the accident, she didn’t sleep as well and felt anxious. Driving became very stressful. She decided to do a week Intensive after she learned her symptoms may be due to post-traumatic stress. There was nothing in her history that held any deep dark secret or negative psychological impact. Rather, she needed trauma resolution therapy to clear her central nervous system of the trauma it held from the car accident. She was so relieved that the technique worked and was so simple that she could use it on her own at home.


He made a mistake as a professional… 

In his words, “My work is high-powered and public. My life got out of balance; and maybe my ego just got too big.” This gentleman hurt some people along the way. But, he had deep remorse and didn’t know how to go on after he got caught. He came for a month of Maui Intensives to process what had happened; he was willing and eager to gain insight and change. We have all made mistakes in life. The worst ones are the ones where someone else gets hurt. “Do we all deserve a second chance? Of course, life sometimes necessitates it." 

Rae Ariel